Frequently Asked Questions


What type of WLAN do you use?

We provide 3Com Access Points which are IEEE 802.11b compatible.
More information is available under:


I want to participate the Tutorialday. Do I have to register?

Yes. If you want to participate the Tutorialday you will have to register online.
Participation is free of charge. Anybody who is interested may participate!


Is there any deadline for the registration to the 61st MPEG Meeting?

Actually, you can register also in the last minute. We are of course grateful, if you do it as soon as you can.


Which type of registration should I use?

There are three ways provided to register to the meeting:

It is highly recommended to use "Registration with online payment", because it safes time for both - you and us! If you use "Registration without online payment" you will have to pay the facilities fee when arriving at the meeting (which can be much more time consuming).


How secure is the registration to 61st MPEG Meeting?

The online forms are both encrypted using SSL (128 bit).


When I click at the "Registration Form" link, I get a message that the certificate for the SSL encryption is not trustable!

This is because we have set up our own certificate which has not been proved by an international consortium. Please proceed this action otherwise you won't be linked to the registration form.


Which browser should I use for the registration?

The registration has been successfully tested under IE5.0, IE6.0 and Netscape 6.x. Please use any of these browsers!


I got errors during the registration, what should I do?

Please report any errors to