A Hot Tip for International Investors

Research, education, and business under one roof.
The most outstanding IT center in southern Austria is being developed in Klagenfurt.

The strong IT competence of the Klagenfurt region is about to get an additional push: in cooperation with the University of Klagenfurt, "Lakeside Software Park," an international campus for software development and implementation, is being developed in the immediate vicinity of beautiful Lake Wörthersee. The combination of teaching and learning, of education and application, of business and recreation in a unique environment makes this promising project an international showcase. Its location on the Munich-Salzburg-Venice axis opens an unparalleled economic and cultural catchment area.

Lakeside Software Park comprises an international mix of companies where large leading companies, smaller existing software companies, start-ups and cooperating service providers (e.g., financial services, consulting firms, marketing research institutes, etc.) optimally complement one another. 7000 m² of rental space will be offered in the first phase; when completed, 40,000 m² of developed area will be available. The "open-space" concept makes possible flexible size arrangements of offices, laboratories and research units--naturally, with the most modern telecommunications equipment from video conferencing to a fast networking infrastructure and high speed Internet access.

A direct connection between basic and applied science is assured by integrating into the Park industry related R&D projects with international partners based on collaborations such as with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (http://web.mit.edu), various laboratories, a professional business incubator service, as well as close cooperation with the Departments of Informatics at the University of Klagenfurt.

The resources of the University of Klagenfurt (http://www.uni-klu.ac.at) as well as the broad range of IT know how in the regional technical high schools and technical colleges guarantee the best possible education locally and, through it, a highly qualified workforce. And, not least the wellness and recreational offerings of the area shall make Lakeside Software Park a modern, open-minded place of innovation and encounter under the motto "work, where others take their holidays." This comprehensive, interdisciplinary cooperation makes Lakeside Software Park a dynamic center of the European innovation and technology scene. And, regional start-up and business establishment incentives only add to the attractiveness of this software cluster.

In the final phase, approximately 2000 jobs will be created by the companies and research institutions at home in Lakeside Software Park -- an important impulse for the region which will also profit from the increased turnover of the cooperating service providers.

The unanimous resolution of the Klagenfurt city government was required to take the next step of issuing an invitation for bids in an international architecture competition. The results of a jury of experts are expected in early summer 2002.

In the first phase, the campus and two buildings will be built for which the federal and provincial governments shall each make available cash funds of EUR 18.2 million through BABEG (http://www.kwf.at). The city of Klagenfurt shall also make available EUR 18.2 million in the form of real property for the site. The first employees should move into their offices on the campus about one and a half years after construction begins. Additional phases (II and III) shall be developed by private investors and corresponding negotiations are already underway.

More information under: http://www.lakeside-software.com